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Welcome to the research group
of Dr. Subinoy Rana


Functional Biomimetic Materials

...research attempts for a better life


Highlights of our work

   The Principal Investigator   

Dr. Subinoy Rana


2018-Present: Assistant Professor, Materials Research Centre (MRC), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

2017-2018: Assistant professor, Newcastle University, UK

2013-2017: Research Associate, Department of Materials, Imperial College London, UK (Advisor: Prof. Molly M. Stevens)

2007-2012: PhD, Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA (Advisor: Prof. Vincent M. Rotello)

2005-2007: M.Sc. in Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (Thesis guide: Prof. U. V. Varadaraju)

2002-2005: B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry, Calcutta University (Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur)

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Our focus

The central theme of our interdisciplinary research is the emerging area of adaptable supramolecular functional materials. We attempt to innovate on new materials and chemistries to achieve practical applications. Understanding the structure-activity relationship of those materials allows us to design useful biocompatible materials.  We actively explore the role of biomaterial surface chemistry in modulating the material-biology interface. Such work is crucial for biological applications of materials, given the central role of surface chemistry in constructing biomaterials with appropriate functionalities and biocompatibility. Our research has demonstrated the utility of these novel materials in different bio-applications, including diagnostics, biocatalysis, therapeutic delivery, enzyme mimicking, protocell fabrication, and environmental remediation. Long-term, we aim to innovate effective point-of-care diagnostics for different diseases with personalized screening abilities, novel platforms for precision medicine, and tissue engineering incorporating the desired material properties.

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Modern Architecture



Dr. Subinoy Rana,
FunBioMats Group, Room 132,
Materials Research Centre (MRC),

Division of Chemical Sciences,
Indian Institute of Science (IISc),
C.V. Raman Road,
Bangalore 560012, India.

Phone (Office): 080-229-32914

E-mail :

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