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Publications, Patents, Book Chapters and Pre-prints


A. Saroha, M.S. Bosco, S. Menon, P. Kumari, T. Maity, S. Rana, S. Kotak, J. Mondal and S.S. Agasti


Regulation of microtubule dynamics and function in living cells via cucurbit[7]uril host-guest assembly


Chemical Science, (2024).​​


M. Solra, R. Kapila, S. Das, P. Bhatt and S. Rana


Transient metallo-lipidoid assemblies amplify covalent catalysis of aqueous and non-aqueous reactions


Angewandte Chemie International Edition, e202400348 (2024).  ​​

2024 Angew.png

M. Solra, S. Das and S. Rana


Point-of-care detection of hydroxyurea drug in serum using a supramolecular enzyme mimetic


Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 135424 (2024)​​


M. Solra, S. Fathima, S. Das, R. Kapila, S.I. Chaudhury, and S. Rana


Robust and Multifunctional Wetting Resistance of de novo Engineered Nonfluorinated Metal–Organic Nanocrystals for Environmental Sustainability


Advanced Engineering Materials, 135424 (2024)​​


S. Das, M. Solra, J. Sahoo, A. Srivastava, S. Fathima, M. De and S. Rana


G-quadruplex Hydrogel-based Stimuli-responsive High-internal-phase Emulsion Scaffold for Biocatalytic Cascades and Synergistic Antimicrobial Activity


Chemistry of Materials, 36, 759-771 (2024)​​


A. Mondal, S.I. Chaudhury, S. Lyndem, S. Rana, D.L. Nongbri, K. Aguan, and A.S. Roy


A protein-based self-healing hydrogel for prolonged antimicrobial drug delivery with synergistic activity


New Journal of Chemistry, 48, 4865-4879 (2024).​​


J. Sahoo, S. Sahoo, Y. Subramaniam, P. Bhatt, S. Rana* and M. De*


Photo‐Controlled Gating of Selective Bacterial Membrane Interaction and Enhanced Antibacterial Activity for Wound Healing


Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 63, e202314804 (2024)​​



S. Rana, M. Solra, S. Das, and S. Fathima


Mixed-Ligand Superhydrophobic Metal-Organic Frameworks, and the Process of Preparation Thereof


Indian Patent, 439252 (2023) 

R. Kapila, B. Sen, A. Kamra, S. chandran and S. Rana


Light-gated specific oxidase-like activity of self-assembled Pt(II) nanozyme for environmental remediation


Nanoscale, 15, 14809-14821 (2023) 

New Project.png

A. Kamra, S. Das, P. Bhatt, M. Solra, T. Maity, and S. Rana


A Transient Vesicular Glue for Amplification and Temporal Regulation of Biocatalytic Reaction Networks


Chemical Science, 35, 9267-9282 (2023)

New Project (2)_edited_edited.jpg

G.D. Sankhe, R. Raja, D.P. Singh, S. Bheemireddy, S. Rana, P.J. Athira, N.M. Dixit, and D.K. Saini


Sequestration of histidine kinases by non-cognate response regulators establishes a threshold level of stimulation for bacterial two-component signaling


Nature Communications, 14, 4483 (2023)

New Project (3)_edited.jpg

S. Das, M. Solra, and S. Rana


Emulsion Gel: a Dual Drug Delivery Platform for Osteoarthritis Treatment


Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine, 9, 279-294 (2023)


P. Bhatt, M. Solra, S. I. Chaudhury, and S. Rana


Metal Coordination-Driven Supramolecular Nanozyme as an Effective Colorimetric Biosensor for Neurotransmitters and Organophosphorus Pesticides


Biosensors, 13, 277 (2023)

New Project (1)_edited.jpg

S.I. Chaudhury, S. Das, P. Bhatt, B. Sen and S. Rana


Silver-Based Supramolecular Hydrogel for the Development of Smartphone-Enabled Alkaline Phosphatase Sensor


ChemRxiv., http://doi:10.26434/chemrxiv-2023-w81js (2023) 


P. Bhatt, A. Srivastava, and S. Rana


Introduction to Metal–Organic Framework Sponges and Their Synthetic and Functionalization Strategies


Nanosponges for Environmental Remediation. Springer, Cham,


P. Bhatt, A. Srivastava and S. Rana


Application of Metal–Organic Framework Sponges for Toxic or Greenhouse Gas Adsorption


Nanosponges for Environmental Remediation, Springer, Cham,



P. Behera, S. Karunakaran, J. Sahoo, P. Bhatt, S. Rana and M. De


Ligand Exchange on MoS2 Nanosheets – Applications in array-based sensing and drug delivery


ACS Nano, 17, 1000-1011 (2022)

Acs NANO.jpeg

M. Solra, S. Das, A. Srivastava, B. Sen, S. Rana


Temporally Controlled Multienzyme Catalysis Using a Dissipative Supramolecular Nanozyme

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 14, 45096-45109 (2022) 


T. Maity, S. Jain, M. Solra, S. Barman, S. Rana


A robust and reusable laccase mimetic copper oxide nanozyme for phenolic oxidation and biosensing

ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 10, 1398-1407 (2022)


M. Ray, G. Brancolini, D. C. Luther, Z. Jiang, R. Cao-Milán, A. M. Cuadros, A. Burden, V. Clark , S. Rana, R. Mout, R. F. Landis, S. Corni and V. M. Rotello.

High affinity protein surface binding through co-engineering of nanoparticles and proteins

Nanoscale, 14, 2411-2418 (2022)



M. N. Holme, S. Rana, H. M. G. Barriga, U. Kauscher, N. J. Brooks, and M. M. Stevens. A Robust Liposomal Platform for Direct Colorimetric Detection of Sphingomyelinase Enzyme and Inhibitors. ACS Nano, 12, 8197-8207 (2018)

R. Rizzo, M. Alvaro, N. Danz, L. Napione, E. Descrovi, S. Schmieder, A. Sinibaldi, S. Rana, R. Chandrawati, P. Munzert, T. Schubert, E. Maillart, A. Anopchenko, P. Rivolo, A. Mascioletti, E. Förster, F. Sonntag, M. M Stevens, F. Bussolino, F. Michelotti. Bloch surface wave enhanced biosensor for the direct detection of Angiopoietin-2 tumor biomarker in human plasma. Biomedical Optics Express, 9, 2 (2018)

R. Rizzo, M. Alvaro, N. Danz, L. Napione, E. Descrovi, S. Schmieder, A. Sinibaldi, R. Chandrawati, S. Rana, P. Munzert, T. Schubert, E. Maillart, A. Anopchenko, P. Rivolo, A. Mascioletti, F. Sonntag, M. M Stevens, F. Bussolino, F. Michelotti. Bloch surface wave label-free and fluorescence platform for the detection of VEGF biomarker in biological matrices. Sensors and Actuators B. 255, 2143–2150 (2018)

Publications prior to Asst. Professor appointment


S.-T. Wang, Y. Lin, N. Todorova, M. Mazo, S. Rana, V. Leonardo, N. Amdursky, C.D. Spicer, B.D. Alexander, A.A. Edwards, S.J. Matthews, I. Yarovsky, M.M. Stevens. Facet dependent islet amyloid polypeptide interactions with gold nanoparticles: Implications for fibril formation and peptide-induced lipid membrane disruption. Chem. Mater. 29, 1550-1560 (2017)

Ngoc DB Le, Gulen Yesilbag Tonga, Rubul Mout, Sung-Tae Kim, Marcos E Wille, Subinoy Rana, Karen A Dunphy, D Joseph Jerry, Mahdieh Yazdani, Rajesh Ramanathan, Caren M Rotello, Vincent M Rotello. Cancer cell discrimination using host–guest “doubled” arrays. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 23, 8008–8012 (2017)


S. Rana, S.G. Elci, R. Mout, A.K. Singla, M. Yazdani, M. Bendur, A. Bajaj, K. Saha, U.H.F. Bunz, F.R. Jirik, V.M. Rotello. Ratiometric array of conjugated polymers-fluorescent protein provides a versatile mammalian cell sensor. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138, 4522-4529 (2016)

F Michelotti, S Schmieder, A Anopchenko, P Munzert, A Sinibaldi, R Chandrawati, S Rana, F Sonntag, A Occhicone, L Napione, MM Stevens, E Maillart, F-E Hibti, C Frydman, N Danz. Label-free and fluorescence biosensing platform using one dimensional photonic crystal chips. Proc. of SPIE, 9750, 97501D (2016)


S. Rana, N.D.B. Le, R. Mout, K. Saha, G.Y. Tonga, R.E.S. Bain, O.R. Miranda, C.M. Rotello, V.M. Rotello. A multichannel nanosensor for instantaneous readout of cancer drug mechanisms. Nature Nanotechnol. 10, 65-69 (2015)

S. Rana, N.D.B. Le, B. Duncan, S.G. Elci, R. Mout, V.M. Rotello. A multichannel biosensor for rapid determination of cell surface glycomic signatures. ACS Cent. Sci. 1, 191-197 (2015)

J.H. Soh, Y. Lin, S. Rana, J. Ying, M.M. Stevens. Colorimetric detection of small molecules in complex matrices via target-mediated growth of aptamer-functionalized gold nanoparticles. Anal. Chem. 87, 7644-7652 (2015)

A. Sinibaldi, N. Danz, A. Anopchenko, P. Munzert, S. Schmieder, R. Chandrawati, R. Rizzo, S. Rana, F. Sonntag, A. Occhicone, L. Napione, S. De Panfilis, M.M. Stevens, F. Michelotti. Label-free detection of tumor angiogenesis biomarker Angiopoietin 2 using Bloch surface waves one dimensional photonic crystals. J. Lightwave Technol. 33, 3385-3393 (2015)

A Sinibaldi, A Anopchenko, A Occhicone, F Michelotti, N Danz, P Munzert, S Schmieder, F Sonntag, R Chandrawati, S Rana, MM Stevens, L Napione. Label-free detection of angiogenesis biomarkers using Bloch surface waves on one dimensional photonic crystals. 2015 1st Workshop on Nanotechnology in Instrumentation and Measurement (NANOFIM)

Norbert Danz, Alberto Sinibaldi, Peter Munzert, Aleksei Anopchenko, Erik Förster, Stefan Schmieder, Rona Chandrawati, Riccardo Rizzo, Rene Heller, Frank Sonntag, Alessandro Mascioletti, Subinoy Rana, Thomas Schubert, Molly M Stevens, Francesco Michelotti. Biosensing platform combining label-free and labelled analysis using Bloch surface waves. Proc. of SPIE, 9506, 95060V (2015)


K. Chen,† S. Rana,† D.F. Moyano, Y. Xu, X. Guo, V.M. Rotello. Differentiation of protein isoforms using gold nanoparticles through controlled ligand hydrophobicity. Nanoscale 6, 6492-6495 (2014)

P.D. Howes, S. Rana, M.M. Stevens. Plasmonic nanomaterials for biodiagnostics. Chem. Soc. Rev. 43, 3835-3853 (2014)

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Y. Jeong, Y.-C. Chen, M.K. Turksoy, S. Rana, G.Y. Tonga, B. Creran, A. Sanyal, A.J. Crosby, V.M. Rotello. Tunable elastic modulus of nanoparticle monolayer films by host–guest chemistry. Adv. Mater. 26, 5056-5061 (2014)

X. Li, H. Kong, R. Mout, K. Saha, D.F. Moyano, S.M. Robinson, S. Rana, X. Zhang, M.A. Riley, V.M. Rotello. Rapid identification of bacterial biofilms and biofilm wound models using a multichannel nanosensor. ACS Nano 8, 12014-12019 (2014)


R. Tang, C.S. Kim,† D.J. Solfiell,† S. Rana,† R. Mout, E.M. Velázquez-Delgado, A. Chompoosor, Y. Jeong, B. Yan, Z.-J. Zhu, C. Kim, J.A. Hardy, V.M. Rotello. Direct delivery of functional proteins and enzymes to the cytosol using nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsules. ACS Nano 7, 6667-6673 (2013)

M.-H. Park,† S.-T. Kim,† S. Rana, D.J. Solfiell, Y. Jeong, B. Yan, B. Aksoy, B. Duncan, V.M. Rotello. Replenishable dendrimer-nanoparticle hybrid membranes for sustained release of therapeutics. Nanoscale 5, 7805-7808 (2013)

N.D.B. Le, S. Rana, V.M. Rotello. Chemical nose sensors – an alternative strategy for cancer diagnosis. Expert Rev. Mol. Diagn. 13, 111-113 (2013)

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Q. Liu, Y. Yeh, S. Rana, Y. Jiang, L. Guo, V.M. Rotello. Differentiation of cancer cell type and phenotypes using quantum dot-gold nanoparticle sensor arrays. Cancer Lett. 334, 196-201 (2013)


S. Rana, A.K. Singla, A. Bajaj, O.R. Miranda, B. Yan, F.R. Jirik, V.M. Rotello. Array-based sensing of metastatic cells and tissues using nanoparticle-fluorescent protein conjugates. ACS Nano 6, 8233-8240 (2012)

Rana, S.; Yu, X.; Patra, D.; Moyano, D.F.; Miranda, O.R.; Hussain, I.; Rotello, V.M. Control of surface tension at liquid-liquid interfaces using nanoparticles and nanoparticle-protein complexes. Langmuir 28, 2023-2027 (2012)

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S.S. Agasti, S.T. Caldwell, G. Cooke, B.J. Jordan, A. Kennedy, N. Kryvokhyzha, G. Rabani, S. Rana, A. Sanyal, V.M. Rotello. Dendron-based model systems for flavoenzyme activity: towards a new class of synthetic flavoenzyme. Chem. Commun. 4123-4125 (2008)

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